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Heavy Metal On-Line Analyzer
Industry type:Health and precision instrument
Product model number:W3000 series (W3129銅/W3130鋅)
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Chemmit W3000 series heavy metal on-line analyzer is designed for industrial monitoring, to measure copper, zinc and colored metallic ions. The instrument is for all kinds of applications, particularly for Petrochemical industry, semiconductor industry, water source protection area industry, sewage treatment plant, aquaculture industry, mainly because these plants often discharge large amounts of metallic ions in their waste water.

Our instruments have following features:

 Wet and dry separation design of the cabinet: effectively separate electricity part from wet chemical reaction measurement part, to provide a good isolation.

 Graphical touch screen design, friendly user interface: to lead user getting started quickly.

 Syringe dosing system: This syringe design provides more accurate dosing ratio, precise measuring and reduces reagent waste.

 Specially made acid-alkali-resistant multi-directional valve: chemical reagents can be transported individually from each position. This prevents reagents from contaminating and works multi-task.

 Special-designed IP64 Housing: Highly recognized, professional, beautiful. Can be installed outdoors or harsh conditions.

 Traditional light source is 6-month lifetime. Ours is with service life more than 5 times.

 The test method conforms to int'l standards, such as EPA, AWWA, ASTM, etc.

 Onsite data can be transferred to the cloud via 4G/ Wifi, in real-time and without location barrier.


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Ketech Scientific Instrument Company was founded in 1992. In the early days, the company mainly imported scientific instruments as an agent. In 1999 the company set up a R&D department and named its own brand Chemmit, with an ultimate goal of making100% made-in-Taiwan on-line analyzer. Chemmit products have also been accepted by the market in terms of excellence of quality, appearance, price, and have solid installation performance in industrial sewage treatment plants and many other industrial customer groups. Lately the company has come to a transformation and gradually becoming a smart monitoring service provider. With years of experience, the company has contracted many successful turnkey projects for Continuous Water Quality Monitoring System (CWMS), providing user wireless and intelligent monitoring solutions.


In 1999, the company founder observed that Taiwan’s electronics industry structure was complete, along with the analytical instrument should play an indispensable role in the industrial development, but Taiwan has been lacked of locally-made online analyzer products for a long time!

In view of this shortcoming, Chemmit was created. We have confidence that our instruments can perform automatic measuring to replace human work. Ultimately we wish to protect the beautiful Formosa Taiwan with our Chemmit instruments.

■ Logo concept:
The design concept of our own brand Chemmit logo is the shape of "vessel" in chemistry. The hollow part is formed by a drop-shaped spoon, which represents the product characteristics of liquid detection; the three color combinations after the simplified style represent the diversity of detection.

We deliver the most advanced technology and service to our clients in order to meet their ever-evolving and changing needs.
Chemmit strives to be the world’s leading water process analyzers’ provider
■Business philosophy:
sustainable environment, accurate detection.
■ Commitment:
Chemmit, the Taiwanese analytical solutions provider, stands for Chemistry Environment Measuring Monitoring Innovative Technology. It also represents our commitment to you.