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Graphene Suspension
Industry type:Fashion
Product model number:S-MK15 /S-WB30
Enerage Inc.
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Graphene possesses remarkable thermal and electrical conductivity. In the past, graphene was compounded with fiber material and spinning as composite fiber. However, graphene composite fiber has not commercialized yet due to the agglomeration during compounding so that yield rate and cost of spinning are thus affected dramatically. For the proposed product of graphene suspension, graphene is dispersed into customerized solvent and then mixed with resin as uniform ink. This graphene ink can be printed onto surface of textile with desired pattern as thermal-static textile. As graphene pattern contact human body, heat from high temperature spot such as heart can transfer to low temperature spot such as limbs along graphene pattern in cold environment. Oppositely, Graphene can absorb heat from human body and spread heat along pattern to increase thermal effusivity in hot environment. This printed textile also shows excellent attached ability and can be washed as standard requires.


About Enerage Inc.

Taiwan Enerage, Inc. established the Graphene R&D team in 2010. By combining strategic marketing and innovative technology for the new material graphene, Enerage has solidified a presence in the graphene field with 44 global graphene invention patents and product registration trademarks. In addition, the Company can produce graphene by the tons with the developed mass production equipment/technology.


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