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Industry type:PC and software
Product model number:01
AmCad BioMed Corporation
award 3

AmCAD-CA is a software device designed for analyzing digital cytological images. Considering morphology and chromatology, AmCAD-CA can be used to identify cytological features such as nuclear-cytoplasm ratio, anisokaryosis, molding, pseudoinclusion, etc. The numeric quantified and visualized cytology features may be used to assist clinical interpretation of diseases. In particular, a computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) model has been built and included in the software to assist diagnoses of thyroid neoplasms.

Product Features:

1. Automatic classification of cytoplasm and nucleus

2. Visualized and quantified data for further statistical analysis

3. Quantification of both morphological and chromatic cytology features

4. Diagnostic interpretation for thyroid nodules with estimation of malignant risk

5. Supporting real-time acquisition of digital images from microscopy camera for immediate analysis and interpretation of the cytological smear samples


About AmCad BioMed Corporation

AmCad BioMed Corporation (AmCad) was founded in 2008 and was listed on Taipei Exchange in the March of 2015 (Ticker: 4188). Our breadth of expertise, from R&D to commercialization, have resulted in world’s first FDA cleared ultrasound Computer-Assisted Detection (CAD) devices. AmCad is committed to assisting medical professionals in making efficient and accurate diagnosis through the support of detailed sonographic visualization and quantification. By integrating AI technology with clinicians' expertise, AmCad will continue to pioneer best-in-class imaging solutions that anticipate mainstream medical needs.


When it comes to ultrasound examination for thyroid, different physicians may arrive at different interpretations over the same image; the inconsistency of the results may reach up to 70%. Even though physicians made a definitive diagnosis and thus performed thyroidectomy, up to 50% of results turned out to be benign. Unfortunately, life-long medication is required for patients who have undergone thyroidectomy.
A reliable approach is needed for the physicians to make faster and more effective interpretations and thus avoid unnecessary thyroidectomy.
AmCAD-UT utilizes patented image analysis technology to capture clinical diagnostic features of thyroid neoplasm from 2D ultrasound images. Through quantification and visualization, detailed color images are thereby displayed for substantially improved and more accurate medical ultrasound interpretation.