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Art Stone Glazed Porcelain Tile
Industry type:Home, construction materials and hardware
Product model number:041A01 / 041A02 / 041A03 / 041A05
White Horse Ceramic Co., Ltd.
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Inspired by the perfect interpretation of nature. By stacking and piling up natural elements filled with vitality, we design the visual effect in combination of European castles and the taste of countryside to mark out the graceful atmosphere.
By combining high-definition digital inkjet printing with 3D relief, we design the slightly rough stacking texture that looks real and natural and brings a strong effect. The Art Stone series is suitable for use on the wall behind TV, the wall of the dining room, the vestibule, and the base of exterior walls.


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About White Horse Ceramic Co., Ltd.

White Horse Ceramic make their products live up to the slogan, ‘the best tile, the best choice’. We employ superior techniques to produce tiles that make architecture more beautiful.


In 1975 the White Horse brand tiles were introduced, and in 1978 the ‘White Horse Tile’ was officially registered and launched. It was one of the first brands that obtained MIT validation. At the same time, the full range of products received the ISO 9001 , the Green Mark certification, and the green building materials recycling mark, the Nano mark. WHITE HORSE made their products to live up to the slogan, ‘the best tile and your best choice’. They employ superior techniques and the concept of Research and Development (R&D) to produce tiles that make architecture more beautiful. White Horse has become a well-known brand name of the Taiwanese tile industry.

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