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UV Rigid Inkjet ink
Industry type:Fashion
Product model number:TR-D 系列 / TOP 系列
Three Royal Chemical Industry Co., Ltd
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ROYALJET® for Rigid Substrate has below merits
1. Environment-friendly: Neither solvent nor VOC is added to the formula to speed-dry the ink. The product is also in compliance with REACH and RoHS. Besides, ROYALJET® bring innovative value to our client by helping conventional printers upgrade to green environmental friendly era.
2. Digital Innovalues: The inkjet product features include 1) Wide Color gamut 2)Excellent Adhesion 3)Solvent Resistance 4)Wash Resistance 5)High Light Fastness 6)Low Odor. Due to its excellent adhesion, it can apply to most of rigid substrates. By adding design element, it enhances its quality and value. Moreover, due to the advantages of digital printing (print-on-demand, small volume production), it can satisfy all different request without fail. For example, applying digital printing with our ink, the plywood can become imitation wood or marble. In addition to its diversification, its value increases to 10 times more than the original one.


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About Three Royal Chemical Industry Co., Ltd

Established in 1976, Three Royal Chemicals has been dedicated to provide high quality UV printing inks, Coatings and varnish throughout the years.

As UV printing technology evolved, Print-on-Demand and digital printing is now the new trend for printing. Launched in 2007, Royaljet, our UV Inkjet ink is celebrating its 13 years anniversary with new product and application on its way.

These new applications include interior wallpaper decor, 3C product accessories, outdoor graphics and signage, glass and ceramics printing and other inkjet printing applications.

Our mission is not only to provide our customers with environment friendly product, but also helping them to reach their business goals with our total solution in printing industry.


After visiting the conventional press, we wish to develop a novel type of ink product. So that the irritating solvent odor in the air of printing factory can be eliminated and the workers’ health can be protected. For example, an ink product which can be dried instantly but contain no VOC should be invented. At that time, US has the most advanced technology in radiation curing materials, analysis, instrumentation, and equipment. Many seminars and conferences were attended to absorb the knowledge in this domain, then brought back to Taiwan’s R&D team team to further study and discussion. Finally, all bottlenecks are resolved and the ROYALJET® product line was launched. With the increasing brand popularity, pirate royaljet ink surfaced to the market. In 2017 the brand was registered in the Taiwan intellectual property office. Today environment-friendly, top quality, digital ink is continually supplied to the downstream under the ROYALJET® brand proudly by Three Royal Chemical.

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