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Planetary Roller Screws
Industry type:Productivity and energy
Product model number:US-12x3-0066/0103-170-R5
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Ddeveloped used small rollers to replace the steel balls of the ball screws. According to Hertz Friction Theory: the load and rigidity are roportional to the contact area. After replacing with a small roller, the contact surface changes from point contact to line contact. Higher impact resistance and higher load capacity enhance the uniqueness of the product. The high load capacity of this product completely replaces the ball screw and hydraulic system. The industrial application has a good response on punching machines, injection molding machines, etc. It can be driven only by a motor, it takes up little space, and the power loss is only one tenth of the hydraulic system, which is safer and more convenient to operate.
1. High load capacity: The load capacity is 5 times that of ball screws. .
2. High speed and acceleration:Generally up to 3 times of ball screw.
3. Long life:The life is 10 times that of the ball screw.
4. Low noise:The noise is lower than 79db.



U-Screws, as the leading manufacturer of the world's most accurate transmission control system, has focused on R&D and manufacture of the key component that provides highest acceleration speed, best load capability. The component named as 「Planetary Roller Screw」has been used in wide range for military and national defense industries and aerospace industry. Along our research and development of Planetary Roller Screw, we constantly escalated the value and innovation to the product. Except that we have applied and owned the patent of the product, we also managed production process efficiently for short delivery and made the price more accessible and attractive to the users who had to suffer long lead time and much higher cost for the product. Our commitment has been helping our customers enhance their production efficiency for product stability and higher value by using Planetary Roller Screws.


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