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The Low-Energy Wood Screw
Industry type:Home, construction materials and hardware
TENZ International Ltd.
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TENZ® wood building screws with TENZ Stairs Thread Technology® are self-screwing, made from special carbon steel, hardened and galvanized for protection. This technology makes work fast and easy with less effort.

The secret are the stairs along the thread called “Stairs of the Peak (SP)” and “Stairs of the Vale (SV)”. Their precise shape makes it possible to displace the wood fibers in a gentle way. TENZ Stairs reduce contact surfaces between screw and wood, thereby reducing friction along the thread up to 50% and significantly minimizing the screwing torque and the energy required. One battery charge can screw you up to twice as many screws than before, and the tool life increases up to factor 10.

Worldwide around 2,000 tons or 2 billion of screws are used – every day. The therefore used energy can be reduced by up to 50% with TENZ Stairs Technology®. The use of the TENZ energy-saving screw offers potential energy saving in construction projects never seen before!


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About TENZ International Ltd.

At the beginning of 2011 the idea for a new thread design was born, which was pursued over 5 years from prototype construction through tests with several universities to production maturity. In 2016 the new thread called “TENZ Stairs Thread Technology” was carried out and patented.

In 2016, two companies were founded to promote the newly invented screw. TENZ GmbH in Graz to focused on the European market; while the goal of TENZ International Ltd. in Taipei, is the global distribution of the innovative screw design, creating brand awareness for the product in the entire Asian and Pacific area and in the American market. The granting of licenses for the production of this patented screw and rolling die is the even more important task of TENZ International.

In 2019, the world’s largest DIY chain in the US, decided to equip its own wood screw with TENZ® technology, now available in 2,200 DIY stores across the US.


Screws – it’s shape and design is well known over 2000 years, first found by Archimedes of Syracuse. Tenz has reinvented the screw because the energy need is reduced to the minimum. The result: better performance with less effort. The way the technology works was brought closer by imagining a dancing movement in wood. From the "dancing screw" the name was derived: TENZ. TENZ® received the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2019, one among several awards TENZ® has won over these years. The screw was successfully tested for its back-friendliness and has become the only screw in the world with AGR seal (Healthy Back Campaign), therefore recommended by German doctors and therapists. The motivation behind the brand TENZ® is to sharpen people’s perception of the supposedly unimportant everyday utensils. Using the example of the screw, the goal is to show that all of us in the community can achieve global savings in energy consumption through the smallest changes in the swarm.

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