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Wireless EMS Textile
Industry type:Health and precision instrument
Product model number:無線智慧健身臂帶組 / 手腕帶組 / 腹帶組
Asiatic Fiber Corporation
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We use conductive fiber and bluetooth device to step into wearable technology. iQmax® Wireless EMS Textile is the first three-stage fitness of micro-current stimulator textile, pioneering the innovative fitness routine without any restriction of time or places.

1. Material innovation: The fabric is weaved with silver fiber. It has good electrical conductivity, low resistance, and antibacterial properties. It can penetrate deeply into the skin but not stinging.
2. Application innovation: It is compatible with universal micro-current devices and the first one which can use bluetooth to controllable with mobile devices to activate muscle stimulator. Through the mobile app, users can choose timing, modes, and intensity setting by their own.
3. Service innovation: In order to satisfy all specific demands, we can design and provide different muscle stimulator textiles according to customer needs, not just arm, wrist wrap and waist belt.


About Asiatic Fiber Corporation

Asiatic Fiber Corporation (AFC) focuses on specialized and high-function fiber materials. We offer industrial textiles and high-tech fiber products to critical environments such as cleanroom, ESD, PPE, medical and even surgical workplaces. We are a pioneer in the field of cleanroom and anti-static products in Asia. Today, AFC has been successfully moving to smart textiles through the sub-brand iQmax ®. We are a founding member of Taiwan Smart Textile Association. We’ve emerged as a leader of textile industry in Taiwan and a major player in the global market, not to mention that AFC has obtained 32 patents to date and has our products being exported to 62 countries worldwide.