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CSD Medical Mask(Non-Sterile)
Industry type:Health and precision instrument
Product model number:多色中衛醫療口罩
China Surgical Dressings Co., Ltd
award 3

About China Surgical Dressings Co., Ltd

CSD was established in 1947 as the first manufacturer of its industry in Taiwan. As an entrepreneur of its industry, CSD is the first to obtain the certificates for GMP, CE, and ISO9001(ISO13485). Across the country, you will find CSD products in nearly every major hospital in Taiwan, as well as major retailers such as Watson’s, Hi-Life, Cosmed, Medfirst, Wellcare, Carrefour, etc.
To this day, CSD still maintains as the leader of its industry in Taiwan and has been recognized in the industry for its quality and services, CSD has done sales in over 68 different countries, including Japan, Korea, Brazil, Europe, Malaysia, Singapore, UK, United States, etc


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