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4K HDR Wireless Presentation Receiver
Industry type:Electronics and communication
Product model number:WFD-5000 PRO / WFD-5000 / WFD-1500 PRO / WFD-1500
Trans Electric Co., Ltd.
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The product provides portable mobile devices to wireless presentation projection and quick key switching state for highly convenient operation.
Especially for highly efficient mobile business people, providing a convenient and portable wireless receiver for conference presentations briefings.
Business briefing to ensure smooth screen delivery, concise and highlight efficiency and professionalism.
It have no confidence for many conversion equipment, extremely after wiring and can’t tolerate whose professionalism is suspected.
1. Business briefing, wireless and concise, showing professionalism, so don't worry about the screen interruption
caused by the shaking of the wiring connect.
2. The speaker for large conferences or lectures will move to different locations, it according to the situation
of the venue. you can hold your mobile device when you are speaking and move the presentation freely, Using wireless reception can easily move as needed and enhance wireless control.


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About Trans Electric Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1968, PX began with producing TV antenna and booster, in 1982, PX has become the worldwide largest antenna and extender manufacturer. Headquarter and plant in Changhua, Taiwan; R&D center in headquarter and Zhonghe Dist., Plant in Changhua and Donguguan, China, selling points are in the main city all over the world. In addition, both plant in Taiwan and China have ISO9001 certification.

Having independent research and development team, complete market strategy, building international selling website, provided best quality product and service to key client. Specialized in TV peripheral product, ultra HD antenna, ultra HD HDMI series, PX has became the U-HD expert and cooperate with excellent customer for many years for more global practice.


PX Electric Co., Ltd was founded in 1968. Over 50 years experience of R&D and Manufacturing in consumer electronics development, such as digital antenna, HDMI audio/video series, wireless products (digital, analog signal and Bluetooth), recorders (dash cam, motor cam and action cam), multimedia accessories etc. The brand name “PX” stands for “Picture eXcellent” = Better viewing experience , provide one stop shop service, all products that developed with latest audio and video processing technique, from design , high performance manufacturing, delivery. PX have well-experienced engineers who are professional in User interface and User Experience design, provides services and products beyond customer’s expectation. PX utilizes altruism (help each other) in the company; pursue customer satisfaction and employee care. Additionally, PX implements Corporate Social Responsibility, pursue eco-friendly product, and donate to society in real action and life.