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MediPRO™ 5α Juniper Scalp Purifying Liquid Shampoo
Industry type:Fashion
Product model number:GARSP2B0001
MacroHI co., Ltd
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Everything on earth lives in the great circle of life, only sustainability could regenerate and recycle. The fundamental way to solve the scalp problem is also derived from the same conception.

The patented bottle is especially from the design mind to create a missing corner that infused the spirit of helping the people in need. The brand is recognized as a symbol concerning the unseen needs of this society.

MediPRO is born for medical treatment exclusively for doctors to take good care of the patients. The uniquely developed herbal formula is simply to purify the scalp and build up a healthy scalp circulation. The medical personnel could use a medicine-free shampoo to help patients get rid of the problematic scalp and embrace the healthy scalp ecosystem.

In 2020, MediPRO is certified by C2C implemented zero-carbon emission and step out for a circular economy. Extending the core value of regeneration, MediPRO is for medical treatment, for the sustainable cycle of the earth.


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About MacroHI co., Ltd

Founded in 2003, MacroHI has more than 80 employees and its founder- Mr. Eric Chen is the 3rd generation of professional hair products manufacturer.
Based on more 60+ years experience in hair product research and development, MacroHI determined to focus on "brand" and "R&D" when it was founded. In 2004, MacroHI invested in scalp research, creating scalp hair products, patented scalp examination software apps, publish scalp education textbooks, and establishing scalp care academ, dedicating to the scalp ecosystem.
Corporate social responsibility is an important part of MacroHi. Since 2016,
, the company starts working on the 3 major actions.
1. Care for group in need & its caregivers
2. Care for the earth
3. Care for the employees
we have strong faith that people can deliver positive power once they are well taken care of.


AROMASE was established in 2007, with the goal of solving everyone's scalp problems. Held the scalp examination tour around Taiwan to help people have a healthy scalp and solve their scalp problems. AROMASE already helps 50,000+ scalps. Innovation & revolution AROMASE cooperates with dermatologists to continue the revolution and innovative solution of scalp care. We hope to bring nature and simple shampoo into everyone's bathroom for a healthy scalp routine. JuliArt owns more than 60 years of hair products research technology, Cisper hair growth series is developed on the basis of all kinds of hair loss conditions and scalp sebum attributes, building a healthy vitality basis for your scalp and hair.

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