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4 Side Moulder
Industry type:Productivity and energy
Product model number:uPower
award 3

With the advancement of manufacturing technology, the machines that people use in daily life are becoming more and more complicated.

The 4-side moulder is used to planning the surface of the wood to create a smooth surface, which is not possible to perform multi-grain processing.

In this way, it is not economic benefits for those who produce many projects in small quantities. Therefore, in response to the above problems, how to develop and innovate a more ideal and practical innovative moulder is the target of Leadermac's research and development.

The combination of traditional industry and high technology industry. With the innovative and unique design, the 4-side moulder is equipped with a touch screen HMI controller. It is easy to understand and operate through the graphical operation interface. All databases including products, and cutter tools data which gather in the HMI. The wood has processing become either continuous or spaced stereo surface pattern in one 4-side moulder, could be furniture component or art accessories.


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Fifty years ago, Leademac started designing and manufacturing 4-sided moulders. Our commitment was to offer the best possible machines to help customers stay competitive. Through several years of effort, Leadermac has grown steadily to become a world-class 4-sided moulder manufacturer with products sold in over 65 countries worldwide. Over the years, there have been many changes in Leadermac's size, business, and reputation; however, our insistence on providing the best possible machines for our customers has never changed. Looking towards the future, we will strive hard to achieve our strategic target and meet new challenges.

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The brand name "LEADERMAC" means "Leader of Machine". With the self-expectation of "The Moulder of Moulders", Leadermac has become a world-class leading manufacturer of 4-side moulders.