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Thinkk & SHOOT digital camera
Industry type:Fashion
Product model number:Thinkk & SHOOT
Paper Shoot Technologies Inc.
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Thinkk & SHOOT will be the most simple but functionally whole camera in the market. The design concept goes beyond the restrictions and the competing of traditional digital cameras’ “specification-oriented” focus; instead, it combines Taiwan’s advantages in electron optics, and craft designs to create the idea of “a camera no one has ever seen before”, and producing a design-oriented Life Style, environmentally-friendly camera!
From concept creation, draft design, 3D casts, model adjustments to the final product, we broke through the natural material restrictions for camera exteriors, and demonstrates how much value they place on humanities and environmental care, whilst also giving users a never-before filming experience.
The camera main engine uses Taiwan’s Largan Precision lens(Apple supplier), to simplify steps when operating the camera. And it can bring the Features of four-color filter, time-lapse, and ten-second video.


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About Paper Shoot Technologies Inc.

Since2013, PaperShoot has been on a mission to protect our world by distributing environmentally sustainable products. Our vision is to inspire fun, creativity, and care for our planet through a unique digital photography experience that allows you to connect with your subject like the old days.Combining our passion for photography and a brighter future for our world with cutting-edge technology we bring you the world’s most innovative, sustainable digital camera. Now in worldwide, PaperShoot can be found in New York, Loft, TSUTAYA and Tokyo MoMA…etc.


Paper Shoot is a product that came into life from humble beginnings - through a man with humble beginnings as well. Born not particularly out of a wealthy family, the creator had simple visions. George wanted to make it possible for people to become more and more involved with photography, his passion. With his big family, a simple background with memories of using paper to make functional products, and his knowledge of basic electronics, George transformed his childhood dreams into a reality: Paper Shoot. Paper Shoot was created with heart and has a function with heart: so that everyone can capture and keep their very own special memories in a medium that is personalized, unique, original, not to mention trendy and potentially up-to-date with its customizable feature.