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Wearable Ionic Air Purifier
Industry type:Electronics and communication
Product model number:ible Airvida M1
ible Technology Inc.
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ible Airvida family, since 2016, is famous for its PM2.5, pollen, and allergen removal ability. Refer to the customer reviews in Japan Rakuten (Reference: https://review.rakuten.co.jp/item/1/205798_10064548/1.1/), ible Airvida has 4.37 high point from Japanese end users.

ible Airvida family features with powerful 2 million negative ions/ cm3 generation capacity, 100 times than a natural waterfall produces. Numerous negative ions can efficiently make the airborne particles, including PM2.5 (99.9% removal rate), pollen, allergen, and bacteria, dropped to the ground. This functionality is very beneficial to users which can protect them from breathing too much allergic and harmful substance into their body.

ible Airvida family is certified by professional laboratories, including SGS, Japan Association of Ion Research, and Far Infrared Association (Japan), for its air purifying ability. Moreover, ible Airvida family also complies with CE, EU regulations on ozone and radiation safety.


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About ible Technology Inc.

Founded in 2015, ible Tech. is a smart wearable device company providing effective solutions to harmful airborne particles with certified wearable ionic air purifiers. Its flagship product series, Airvida, can generate more than 20,000,000 negative ions every 0.6 second to significantly reduce inhaled PM2.5 and allergens. Such efficacy and innovation have earned recognition from German Innovation Awards (2022) and CES Innovation Awards (2020 & 2023).

With people’s health in mind, ible’s mission is to develop products that create better quality of life and protection for loved ones.


ible Tech. is a smart wearable device company. The name “ible” stems from Middle English, Old French, and Latin. As a suffix, it means “able to be”. ible, able to make loved ones better. ible’s first product line is wearable air purifier series (ible Airvida). This product family is designed as a wearable device to reduce inhalable PM2.5, pollen, virus, and allergens. The efficacy and innovation of ible has earned worldwide recognition from CES 2020 & 2023 Innovation Awards (the U.S.), 2022 German Innovation Award (Germany), 2021 Good Design Award (Japan), and the first prize of SNQ Award in the Epidemic Prevention Category in 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022 (Taiwan). ible insists in high standards through numerous analysis and testing, aiming to provide simple, efficient, and good design products for daily life.