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Ai-1 Ultra ABS
Industry type:Transportation
Product model number:AE0338T
award 3

AEON upholds the main axis of "Future Mobility" as the spirit to declare its ambition for the electric vehicle market. Integrate the car-making technology on the Ai-1 Ultra ABS, and use the three concepts of revolution, innovation and technology to create a stylish and smart urban mobile aesthetic.
The most distinctive feature of Ai-1 Ultra ABS is the CROXERA smart meter . It can be used to "one-click navigation to the station to change the power" function. There is no need to use the mobile phone along the way. Several parameters such as distance will be reminded when the power is low, and the route will be set, and the instrument information will be used to quickly and safely reach the power station. Equipped with Bosch ABS 10MB Anti-lock Braking System to improve brake stability.
In the appearance design, the front of the car is round but the line is extended. It extends down the arc. It is a very personal and recognizable LED headlight with a little sharp line.


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Aeon Motor was established in 1998. The brand name AEON has been firmly built on the principles of “Quality First, Constant Improvement, Customer Satisfaction and Sustainable Management.” Aeon is moving towards more heavy-duty, diversified, leisure-oriented, and lifestyle-creative lines. Aeon specializes in the development and manufacturing of scooters, ATVs, and side-by-side vehicles. The products of Aeon are supported by a QS9000 and ISO9001 certified quality system, and are already homologized in several countries and areas.


1998-scooters entered Euro & USA market 2000-ATVs entered USA market 2001-ON-ROAD ATVs in the European market Became the first TW firm to manufacture ON-ROAD ATV 2003-youth ATVs became the number 1 selling in the US 2004-Introduced Taiwan’s first 2WD shaft-driven ATV 2005-Awarded Golden Trade Award and Rising Star Award from the Ministry of Economic Affairs 2006-UTV 2WD shaft-driven to the market 2007-ATVs now conforms with USA EPA/CARB regulation 2008-Introduced UTV, 4WD shaft-driven with IRS to the market 2009-RZR 170 UTV became the top seller of its class 2010-became the first TW company and second in the world to manufacture electric UTV with the Vanish electric UTV 2011Official product launch in Taiwan Introduced Taiwan’s first 3-wheel scooter into the Euro market 2012-received the 9th Annual National Brand Yushan Award Officially listed and trading in GreTai Securities Market 2017 TAIWAN MITTELSTAND AWARD 2021 SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers)Overdrive Award