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Industry type:Health and precision instrument
Product model number:EG3D01/2
award 3

1) The dual-module structure fits in any occasions, can be washed more than 200 times and still possess 99% of antibacterial effect.
2) First module combines:Water repellent, washable, antibacterial, heat dissipation, skin-friendly and anti-UV effects.
3) Second module uses physical isolation technique combines five layers into one. First layer focuses on shaping, second and fourth layers is to protect the third layer (nano-film), and fifth layer is skin-friendly materials. It is reusable after alcohol disinfection.
4) The flat strip design provides a comfortable and comprehensive protection.
5) The ear gel buckle is designed to conform and not cause any burden while adjusting.
6) The special seaming/draping method allow nasal cavity to have extra space while achieving a high degree of protection.
7) Built-in pocket is designed to insert filter and achieve easy carrying and replacement.


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Biofast insists on doing our best on each procedure from product development, production, quality control to after-sales services. On the other hand, we regard promoting the awareness of body and skin care as our main goal and provide customers with the safest, most effective and high-quality products based on our professions and enthusiasm.


Expertgel is an expert of global individual health care. Love substance by twice times; Love human beings by double times; Love the earth by triple times; Love is unlimited! “Don’t Forget the Initial Mind” In the beginning of establishing expertgel, my mom in order to see me make many round trips in many countries. Actually, my mom even didn’t know what “biogel” is, and just thought that I was too tired to be a “bioman”. She asked me, “What is this thing?” I said, “It can save people and release the pain.” She said, “Is it really great? Doctors also can save people, too. I explained with smile, “The famous doctor, if he could see 200 patients, it would be 6000 patients in a month. However, if expertgel’s biogel could have mass production, it would let six hundred thousand, six million, and even sixty million people to have meticulous care anytime. No matter where the pain is, expertgel will be there, and this is indeed my initial mind.”

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