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Industry type:Home, construction materials and hardware
Product model number:FT422
Manufacturer of High Precision Tubing Tools
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Flaring Tool is for the maintenance of refrigeration and air conditioning. Our design is based on the working environment, operation mode and safety factors. The body and clamp offer quick-connect functionality. The operation enhances 76% efficiency by the fast lock and tube- quick stop design. The individual clamp makes less pressure on the hand with carrying flexibility. It has got the Taiwanese invention patent and conducted in the United States and China which creates a market advantage.

By software analysis to simulate the product’s “breaking point” and the maximum bearing stress which made the best body thickness and structure to meet the “safety” and “lightweight” for the end-user.

Marketing channels are diversified through co-branded tool vendors and cooperated with the equipment and tubing parts manufacturers to enter the international market, and by direct marketing to expand our brand worldwide. We implement CRM system to succeed in marketing strategies and effective sales.


About Manufacturer of High Precision Tubing Tools

Yung Chi’s predecessor company was a parts machining factory founded in 1969. At that time, strap tensioners, gear pullers, and C-clamps were the main products. In 1978, Yung Chi Industry Co., Ltd. established inventing tools continually, like tube cutters, flaring tools, tube benders, and more. With a high reputation internationally, our business partners are all over the world, such as United States, Germany, Australia, Japan and so on. Using advanced and precise technology, we have been a preferred partner for professional and well-known brands for decades.

In 2019, Yung Chi celebrates its 42nd year of business. We devoted to innovation and quality assurance, offering the world's most comprehensive line of tubing tools. As a pioneer in the hand tool industry, based on our user-friendly concept, we keep manufacturing versatile and high-quality tools.


Maxclaw A contributor to the hand tool field As a hand tool manufacturer, started from a miniature factory, focuses on professional OEM and ODM services. In year 1996, the main products were gear puller, c-clamp, and tube cutter that these products were designed claw-shaped with great strong grip and sturdy performance. The MAXCLAW brand name was derived from the principal attributes of these products. “MAXCLAW”means the maximum claw. With the spirit in mind, MAXCALW fulfills all our customer vision. Like a giant claw, we provide magnificent quality; We seize customers “trust” like the claw shape; preserve the faith and secure the future of Yung Chi Industry. Co. Ltd.