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Microparticle Stopper Mask
Industry type:Health and precision instrument
Product model number:dc Microparticle Stopper 3D Style Face Mask Series
Dacian Technology Material Co., Ltd.
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The filtration for most melt brown mask will be decrease from time to time, that people not able to know what is the protective of the mask they are wearing, :dc mask use nano membrane as filter, the filtration rate would not be decreased after use, people always got enough protection. :dc mask not only provide medical mask protection, but also protect you from aerosol particle, its a N95 grade total solution mask, and provide you both high efficiency filtration and breathy comfort.

Melt brown mask is disposable, that also crease lot trash and become a big issue for the environment. :dc mask is washable and re usable, wear can even sprayed with 75-95% alcohol for disinfection, and wash by clean water, which greatly reduces garbage pollution.


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About Dacian Technology Material Co., Ltd.

We believes that good products must have both "altruism" and "common good", whether it is for partners, customers, and the environment. Dacian Technology was established in 2016. The core concept for :dc is “Better protection For Better life”。
We are specialist on membrane related products. Our team composite by different specialist in filter, membrane, art, doctors, design and manufacture. Products designs combine fashion and function.
Our products are based on the original characters of membrane materials without any unnecessary additives. We focus on washable PM2.5 mask. Anti-pollution face mask (:dc Micropatricle Stopper Mask), Pillow Protector (:dc Dustmite Out) to block dust-mites/bacterial and Window screen PM2.5 filter (:dc Smog Stopper). :dc product protect our life and make our life much easier.


We choose organic ingredients to enhance our health, but we are not able to choose air quality. Most people doesn’t care about air pollution, unless they friends or family were sick from it. We all love to have more protected, however high efficiency equipment usually doesn’t looks good, and not comfortable. :dc believe that “Breathing can be an art of life style, let’s creating a habit , committing to a healthy life. :dc use membrane as the filter layer for the mask, and we combine design and ergonomics, we create the most fashion , high protective and most comfortable mask. Mask could be fashion accessories and it also could be share as gift to all our friends. “Wear mask” is kind of Sense of security, no one like to be less protected. :dc mask test every roll of membrane , and have individual serial number for each box of mask. :dc mask is washable and reusable, it could reduce lots waste , let’s protect us and protect earth.

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