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Smart Curtain Integration System
Industry type:Productivity and energy
Product model number:BT-SCIS
award 3

The only MIT curtain system that has obtained the Intelligent Building Materials certification! With the help of the illuminometer, micro weather station and solar calendar chart, it automatically generates orders to control the curtains based on the collected data. When it is too bright, the curtains will be pulled to an optimal position to block the sunlight; when it is dim, the curtains will then be opened to conserve energy and reduce carbon emission for the building.
(1) Accurate electronic positioning with connectivity with other intelligent environment control system.
(2) Precise, steady and quiet throughout the operations.
(3) Integrate the network, control, structure and assembly for design and utilization diversity.
(4) Central integration, two-way feedback, easy management.
Designed primarily for buildings, it enables people to build a tidy, good-looking and high-tech environment while reducing the usage of ACs, thereby saving energy efficiently.


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Bintronic Enterprise Co., Ltd was founded in year 1989, the head quarter located at Gangshan, Kaohsiung, Taiwan. We have specialized skill in wireless control and Radio Frequency Identification professional system for more than 30 years and also registered at OTC GISA (Stock Code:7541) in Taiwan.
Totally integrate with R&D, production, sale and service as a service chain to our customers.
Manufacturing and selling remote system for door &window, motorized curtain, smart curtain smart home system and so on.
We were approved with many international certification such as CE, FCC, NCC, ISO 9001:2015 Quality management systems and acquired more 80 kinds of patents.
Our products are applied for commercial and home space and best-selling more than 30 countries in the world and bring a smart, comfortable and safe high-quality life people to our customers.


Bintronic, a smart home brand who focuses on Home Smart and Comfortable, smart curtain and products. Through the function of smart management, simple to install and easy to operate to bring out the idea of smart home. Bintronic R&D team has focused on the technology of wireless control. We have developed the technology compatible with other smart home system.We already have developed the leading products to the worldwide and marketing to more than 30 countries. We define the brand position of an international smart home expert in the integration of mechanical and electrical for the door and window field and integrate door, window, home appliance, light, audio equipment and curtain. Through different smart mobile device, allow user controls anytime the sounds and image to create the best home livings. Bintronic, becomes the most trusted brands for the consumers living in the Internet of Things era eventually and make smart and comfort really enter the user life.

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