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Energy-Efficient Electric Motor for EV
Industry type:Productivity and energy
Product model number:MVWF7K6-102
Sinpro Electronics Co., Ltd.
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MVWF7K6-102 is an electric motor that provides 7.6 KW power and can be used in industrial fields or applied to EVs.


1.Quality standards: ISO9001, ISO14001, and IATF16949 certified.

2.Eco-friendly & safe to use: Made of non-toxic materials, meets RoHS & REACH regulations, and complies with the relevant European safety requirements.

3.Unique design components: The distinctive coil and circuit connection reduces the time for the winding process, improves the slot fill factor and space utilization, increases the yield rate, etc.

4.High durability: An IPMSM brushless DC motor in IPX6 protection that can be used in various special environments.

5.Over temperature protection: The NTC thermistor is being used in the circuit for motor protection against overheats.

6.Custom product options: Provides different types of motor cases to fit in a varied range of output power, including the water-cooled case with flow passage, air-cooled case with heat sink, etc.


About Sinpro Electronics Co., Ltd.

As a total solution provider in the power electronics industry, Sinpro Electronics, founded in 1995, is a leading manufacturer and designer of power electronics products in Taiwan and is specializing in helping customers handle power challenges by customizing and designing power electronics products.
Our product portfolio ranges from AC DC switching power supplies in various formats and in a broad range of output voltage and power (open frame power supplies, wall mount power supplies, desktop power supplies, medical power supplies, ITE power supplies, industrial power supplies, etc.), LED drivers, and DC-DC converters, motor for EV, electric motor controller, etc.
We have proficiency in providing you with the best solution and one-stop service in the power electronics field. From professional technical expertise to quality product solutions, Sinpro delivers exclusive and personalized resources that particularly fulfill your needs.


The 1960s was an era when Taiwan was full of business opportunities. Steven Chiou, the President of Sinpro, who was born under this background, entered the workforce from his early age due to the family financial issue. The experience he had gone through made him become a hard-working person who can put himself in someone’s shoes and see things from a different perspective, which gave the future Sinpro a chance to be transformed. In 1995, Steven stumbled into funding and managing Sinpro through serendipity. Under his management, Sinpro was repositioned to a switching power supply manufacturer that provides high-quality products and services. Over the decades, Sinpro has created a sense of trust and happiness for our customers and partners, and you can always find that whenever Steven laughs a hearty laugh. What other things you can find when you look at his back are Sinpro’s corporate social responsibility and Steven’s care about the development of every industry in Taiwan.

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