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e+Autoff Special Edition
Industry type:Home, construction materials and hardware
Product model number:TY006
Yztek Co., Ltd
award 3

“e+AutOff” is launched at 2019 and has successfully secure over 80k households from occurring stove fire incidents. Proudly, e+AutOff was awarded with Taiwan Excellence product, 2021.

“e+AutOff SE” is an advanced version, not only based on feedback from markets but also for export market.

Main features of “e+AutOff SE” are as follows:

1.Universality: patented knob can be applied to all kinds of stove

2.Easy installation: no need to replace original stove

3.Auto-start: “e+AutOff SE” always turn on while you are cooking.

4.Habit unchanged: keep usual cooking habits

5.Adjustable time: from 1 to 99 min

6.Thoughtful reminder: reminder with sound and light

7.Automatic turn off fire: switch off stove fire when necessary

8.Durable battery: battery (AAA) is easy to get, especially in SE Asia

9.Safe lock: avoid from accidentally turning on stove

10. Timer setting: build-in timer function

11. Button design: Easy to set up and use

12. Easily clean: appearance design and material for easy cleaning


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About Yztek Co., Ltd

To make families and society safer, YZTEK was born out of love.
The founder of YZTEK promised to make a safety device to make cooking safer when he burnt a pot of braised meat full of mother's love while accidentally forgot to turn off the stove fire. Finally the founder team was able to break through the bottleneck and gave the glory of the invention to God.
Focusing on kitchen and home safety, not only did the product patent win the Platinum Award, Taiwan Innotech Expo. and Taiwan Excellence Award, but YZTEK also win the Business Startup Award and Taipei Prominent Enterprise Award.
The kitchen is the focus of a family. YZTEK begins with initiatively prevent from kitchen fire and is committed to create home safety and healthy with technology innovation.
YZTEK will uphold the spirit of good corporate governance and be guided by market demands and keep long-term relationship with our colleagues and business partners to fulfill social responsibility together.


Just like the brand logo presents, YZTEK products started with auto off” kitchen fire and is committed to create an intelligent shield for home safety and healthy with technological innovation. The brand grows up with YZTEK products as follows: 2018/10 patent appliance 2018/10 YZTEK established 2019/3 e+AutOff runs on fundraising platform, Taiwan 2019/4 e+AutOff fundraising surmount $12M Ntd 2019/6 SGS safety certifications 2019/9 Taiwan Innotech Expo- Platinum Award/IFIA best invention medal/ABII Innovation Excellence Award 2020/3 WIFI edition successfully develop 2020/6 e+AutOff SE released 2020/7 Overseas market cooperates 2020/9 CE, FCC safety certifications 2020/10 2021 Taiwan excellence award 2020/11 Business Startup Award/ Taipei Prominent Enterprise Award 2021/5 e+beepOff / e+AutOn/ Airenewal system product announcement It is foreseeable that the solid shield will enter every country in the world, firmly protecting the safety and health of every family.

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