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ArmorFlash™ Secure Flash Memory
Industry type:Electronics and communication
Product model number:MX75U256F
Macronix International Co., Ltd.
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ArmorFlash™ provides the best solution for the serious data security issues of Internet for Everything. Our unique PUF Code technology has obtained many global patents.
ArmorFlash™ combines the standard Serial Flash and the security features into a single chip with a chip fingerprint (PUF Code), and therefore can ensure the security of the overall system. It also provides functions of authentication, data encryption/decryption, and configurable secure zones.
It provides standard serial peripheral interface, plus a secure encryption-decryption memory of high density. ArmorFlash™ prevents the data from being tampered during the transmission in the bus as well as replay attacks, physical probing, tampering and content destruction. It solves the issues of data security: confidentiality, integrity and availability.
The ArmorFlash™ algorithms have been validated by NIST CAVP. It has been adopted by NVIDIA for its autonomous driving systems from L2+ to L5.


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About Macronix International Co., Ltd.

Macronix, a leading integrated device manufacturer in the Non-Volatile Memory market, provides a full range of NOR Flash, NAND Flash, and ROM products. We deliver high-quality, innovative and performance driven products in the consumer, communication, computing, industrial, automotive, and networking markets.
Macronix was established in 1989 in Hsinchu Science Park. We are dedicated to developing top-notch home-grown technologies to offer our customers high quality products. We have been adhering to high standards of corporate governance, we were the first semiconductor manufacturer certified with SA 8000: 2001 in Hsinchu Science Park.
Macronix continues to emphasize on R&D. Our technical papers were published in major international conferences. We have been granted a large number of high-quality patents and continues our investment in advanced technology development.
Macronix owns one 12-inch wafer fab and one 8-inch wafer fab to design and fabricate our memory products.


The Macronix Logo is the symbol of Macronix International Co., Ltd. The first letter M represents the Macronix company name, the focused core business in the Memory industry, the Modulized products for customers and the excellent semiconductor Manufacturing capability. The right side of the “X” graphic represents Breakthroughs and Transcendence, while the left side stands for Foundation and Cultivation. Together they symbolize a Plus sign. The IC ending indicates that Macronix is an advanced IDM company with own brand, IC design and manufacturing capability. Looking ahead, Macronix will continue its research efforts in advanced technology development focusing on nonvolatile memory products. We will continue to enhance our technologies, quality and service and dedicate ourselves to obtaining a superior industry position, higher sales growth, steady business operations, in turn increasing Taiwan's global competitiveness.