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Industry type:Recreation and sports
Product model number:DGX00
award 3

Interactive screens, pressure sensitive floors and lighting combinations, it provide a Sports & Entertainment platform for all ages. Stampede combines light and music with workouts designed for training strength, speed, agility and more. The user can exercise different parts of the body autonomously, thereby developing a healthy life and improving the quality of life.

Stampede can assist athletes to extract data from the training process, the lighting will lead players to com- plete all programs and gradually increase strength to enjoy the fitness effect of sweating. The coach can program the system and record data from each player anytime by Stam- pede. From basic to advanced training, all players can steadily hit the limit.
Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/E1g33stsca0


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About SHENNONA Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2019, SHENNONA CO. LTD is a medical group, subsidiary of Compal Electronics, Inc. that focuses on the innovation of IoMT solutions and the sustainable operation of government-led Healthcare projects. In partnership with city councils, long-term care, and medical institutions, greater joy in health and autonomy are expected to be achieved through the implementation of medical IoT devices in smart facilities for resident users.
As public awareness grows in the pursuit of greater health and wellness, SHENNONA takes pride in improving the quality of medical infrastructure for the elderly through the integrated use of smart tech, Information Technology, precision manufacturing, and insightful designs for years to come.


In the first quarter of 2019, the medical technology service subsidiary "Shenbao Medical Assets Co., Ltd." established by Compal Computer is responsible for the sustainable operation of medical IoT solutions and government health care projects. In view of the fact that medical technology services focus on field landing and localized applications, they must comply with the operating procedures of physicians and nurses in the medical system to specifically enhance the effectiveness of medical informatization. Therefore, Shenbao Medical Resources is positioned to extend Compal Computer and have ICT industry resources And combined with precision manufacturing and design capabilities, and then specialize in undertaking medical IoT-related projects. The two major industries of information communication and medical care are both important fields in Taiwan. Shenbao Medical is looking at the business opportunities of smart medical combining these two industries and solving the cross-