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Bullpup Spring Sniper Rifle
Industry type:Recreation and sports
Product model number:ICS-450 / IMD-450-1
award 3

CXP-Tomahawk Bullpup Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle is designed and manufactured by ICS, which improves all the defects from other sniper rifles in the market. Casting off the limitation from the conventional appearance and mechanical structure and adding the design to ensure its tremendous performance. The bullpup design can maximize the length of the barrel. The 61cc enlarged cylinder provides sufficient pneumatics force.

Out of the box, it comes with Master Mods 519mm inner barrel, R-Hop rubber, and three-way adjustable TDC Hop-Up chamber, which is capable to shoot heavier BBs, performing a straight and steady trajectory.

1. Bolt-action

2. Bullpup Design

3. Top Feeding Magazine

4. Stainless Steel 61cc Enlarged Cylinder

5. 3-way Adjustable TDC Metal HOP-UP

6. Master Mods Inner Barrel & HOP bucking

7. Compatible with 510mm above in Length AEG Inner Barrel

8. Compatible with TM spec. AEG bucking

9. Inner Barrel Stabilizer

10. Steel Made Reinforced Trigger Sear

11. Steel Made Reinforced Spring Guide

12. Lightweight Aluminum CNC Piston

13. Quick-Detachable Rubber Butt Pad

14. Lightweight Aluminum CNC Barrel

15. Quick-Detachable Spring Guide

16. Quick-Detachable Hop-Up & Outer Barrel Assembly

17. M1913 Tactical Rail


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ICS was established since 1983. As a leading international AEG manufacturer, the efforts ICS invested into the products led to numerous of awards includes the 20th Most Innovative Small and Medium Enterprise Award, National Top Ten Enterprise Golden Torch Award in 2012, 25th and 26th Taiwan Excellence.
ICS stands for Innovation, Competition and Satisfaction. ICS follows the market demand and has globalization and localization strategies. Local distributors, wholesalers, or dealers are our distribution channels to ensure our best products and services can be delivered to the end users.
We take care of our brand and good will by constantly improving first tier R&D, middle tier production quality, and the last tier marketing capabilities. ICS keeps expanding the quality and quantity of R&D teams. Our product lines will be constantly completed by our excellent innovation and developing capabilities. All of these qualities make ICS the best Taiwan-made AEG brand in the world.


Chen Tang Chu, the founder of ICS, has always fascinated in firearms since his childhood. After completion of military service, he started his own company - the ICS. Through the decades in the airsoft business, ICS has dedicated itself in designing innovative products, providing professional services, caring about the needs of customers, and evolving constantly. Recently, ICS expanded its product lines from electric toys guns to accessories, recruited loyal ICS users around the world as ICS Captains, and launched a new logo with a new vision: BE A GAME CHANGER. ICS hope each gamer can take the courage from the virtual battlefields to their everyday life, each ICS Captain leads the movement in their arena, and make the world a better place little by little side by side with ICS.