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BeanBon Home Coffee Roaster
Industry type:Electronics and communication
Product model number:BB100
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BeanBon Home Coffee Roaster — Simple, Stylish, Compact

We often refer to small-batch roasting as "sample roaster."

It's an essential part in the everyday life of many industry players.

From 60 to 120g for a batch, it's all possible for sample roasting.

BeanBon Home Coffee Roaster also combines the practicality for home users.

It'll be your best decision to have BeanBon for exploring the journey of coffee.

. Simple, Stylish, Compact

. Portable precision

. Sample roasting a new coffee is always exciting.

. Batches from 60 - 120g are all available.

. Taste the freshness

. Finish the roast in 10 minutes.

【Smart Mode】 roasts a batch of beans within 10 minutes.

One click to start the Smart Mode roasting with selection of 8 roasting profiles.

【Guru Mode】 makes coffee lovers roast coffee like a pro at home.

Let machine to have Professional Roasters’ craft by scanning QR Code via Guru Mode on App.

【Creator Mode】 makes your own signature coffee with adjustable App.

Creator Mode gives control to you for the roasting time/heat/airflow anytime in the roasting through free App connecting via Bluetooth. Also, users could save and duplicate the roasting profiles, and even share the profiles with people of the same taste.

.Taiwan Excellence Awards 2023



.The most worthy home coffee roaster

.Top choice for newbie in coffee roasting

.Great fit for sample roasting


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Avigo Technology Co., Ltd started the invention in coffee roaster in 2018, while the founder, also the CEO, observed global coffee market is with potential. The founder gathered friends retired from Taiwan tier-1 PC ODMs and also love coffee for aiming at developing innovative and competitive coffee related gadgets. With integration of industry design, mechanical, electronics, power supply, firmware and software, we apply technology on the creative product as the innovative solution.

In March 2020, the world’s first home-use smart coffee roaster is unveiled. Whole product is designed and manufactured in Taiwan. And this smart home coffee roaster has achieved great success on the crowdfunding platforms both in Taiwan and in USA. We’ve delivered over thousand units in 50 countries around the world in the same year.
Our product is awarded with 2021 Golden Pin Design Award and 2022 iF Design Award.
Our core value: innovative technology, committed quality, trusted service.


Fresh roasted beans are the key to exquisite coffee. BeanBon is an entry-level home coffee roaster that combines function with aesthetics. The complex roasting components are integrated into a sleek appearance so it matches the modern living environment and is easy to clean. WCRC Taiwan Champion, Jason Hua, worked as a consultant during development. Users can create and share roasting profiles with other coffee lovers through the App BeanBon provides. Consumers will be able to experience home coffee roasting in every new means. Design of BeanBon collaborating with marketing took home coffee roasting adventure up a notch.

BeanBon is a self-owned brand: "Bean" means coffee beans; "Bon" is French, and means "good". BeanBon represents that using our roaster could bring good coffee beans to you. It reads like the sound of first crack in coffee roasting. The mark of the 2 "B" combination means the size of green beans double after roasting, and also the symbol of the aroma suffusing in the air.

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BeanBon Experience Store
No. 17, Ln. 66, Yitong St., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City 104 / Phone: 02-25075985

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