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Serenity Computerized Water Dispenser
Industry type:Home, construction materials and hardware
Product model number:UR-8103AW / UW-8103AW
award 3

Our design is a reflection of the current trend towards minimalist monochromatic aesthetics. The upper panel adopts an ergonomic waved design, with the deep end intuitively guiding users to place their water container for water, and the shallow end with a touch panel, as well as a water temperature and information display panel. The waved design provides an interactive and stimulating visual approach to integrate the product with user experience.

Equipped with Multi-guard® filters, the water outlet taps have anti-bacterial properties up to 99.9%. Every drop of water taken is guaranteed to fall within national drinking water standards. The patented water-to-water heat exchange system makes sure that boiled water can be swiftly cooled down to 50℃ warm water by circulating cool water around the warm water tank. Optimal heat exchange and cooling efficiency is achieved at very low energy costs. The dispenser is able to provide large quantities of warm water while being very environmentally


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Established in 1954, UNION is an ISO-9001 certified company widely recognized for high quality and innovative water dispensers, boilers, filters, bottled water and related accessories. Our R&D capabilities, production quality, sales and services network have continued to set the industry’s standards. With two factories and over 55 sales and service points throughout Taiwan, UNION has acquired 60% market share of Taiwan’s commercial market and also successfully established our brand name into the residential drinking water market. We have also expanded our overseas distribution through principal dealers in countries such as Hong Kong and Singapore, offering our branded products for their local clients. UNION’s goal is to fulfill the various client and market needs with the finest products and services made available by us.


Established in 1954, Union Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional ISO9001 certified manufacturer and company that specializes in drinking water dispensers, water boilers, bottled waters and related accessories. With offices and factories in both Taiwan area and Mainland China, we pride ourselves in the quality and diversity of our products and our service network, fulfilling the needs of various clients and users. UNION has established 50 offices in Taiwan, 30 located in mainland China and more than 20 distributors around the world. Our unified corporate identity and SOP run through our entire network, forming a comprehensive service system. As the only brand in the industry that develops and manufactures self-branded products which efficiently distributes through directly operated stores nationwide, "UNION" has become widely recognized as the exemplary leader of the drinking water industry.