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P113+ Antibacterial Peptide Fluoride Toothpaste for Kids [Grape]
Industry type:Fashion
Product model number:4OCJ174
award 3

oh care branded toothpaste contains antibacterial protein ingredient P113+ extracted from oral saliva, which has low irritation but high antibacterial effect. There are more than 800 cases of clinical trial data without allergic and irritating reactions, and later passed the US FDA Phase II clinical trial, showing its safety and effectiveness. In our research, it was found that adding P113+ to toothpaste can greatly reduce the incidence of periodontal disease and improve bad breath and other problems, and play a role in maintaining oral health.
oh care adopts different saling strategies within or outside the country. In Taiwan, the sales strategy is mainly based on brand direct sales, operating online and offline channels. Online includes self-operated official website, you can first-hand understand customer information and needs, and quickly respond to market demand. Overseas markets are carried out in the mainland, Hong Kong, Malaysia and other regions with a distribution model.


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In response to the long-term development of precision medicine, GB GENES CORP.(GBG) was evolved from General Biologicals Corporation, which focuses on the establishment of "life-oriented medical care". The company uses the exclusive patented P113+ antibacterial peptide as the main ingredient, and with its low allergy and non-cytotoxic antibacterial effect, develops mild antibacterial products suitable for the needs of the whole family. GBG establishes its own brand “oh care”, and launch co-branded products with a professional R&D team, good product line layout and cross-industry integration. At present, GBG has successfully developed toothpaste, mouthwash, oral spray, bath and skin cleaning and other related products. it is our responsibility to bring healthy and non-toxic oral health care products to people.


The discovery of the antimicrobial peptide ingredient P113+ is full of surprises. In 1999, Dr. Oppenheim (Dr. O), a professor at Boston University, accidentally discovered in his experiments that the antimicrobial peptide component P113+ extracted from human oral cavity has an amino acid fragment with high antibacterial activity. There are more than 800 clinical trials without allergic and irritating reactions, and passed the phase II trial of the US FDA. In order to commemorate Dr. O's magical discovery, the name "oh care" was born, and the brand concept is all care for the family. We hope to bring a variety of comprehensive portable and home care products that are mild and antibacterial to the whole family of consumers, so that all families can live a healthy life in a zero-chemical antibacterial environment.

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