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Ascent Trainer
Industry type:Recreation and sports
Product model number:Performance Ascent Trainer
Johnson Health Tech. Co., Ltd.
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Adjustable incline with variable stride length engaging glutes, hamstrings and core muscles while keeping every movement in harmony with the user’s body. Our patented suspension design is completely wheel- and track-free, reducing noise and minimizing friction to extend product life, while constant rate of acceleration provides an ultra-smooth feel all the way through the ellipse. Ergo Form grips, contralateral handlebar action, optimized pedal spacing and oversized pedals make every movement feel natural, while sealed controls provide tactile feedback. With the optional self-powered operation, you can place it wherever it works best for your facility. Convenience features include low step-on height, rear entry, contact and telemetric heart rate tracking, a water bottle holder and an accessory tray. A smart design featuring top-down levelers and a removable disk makes service and maintenance easier than ever.


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About Johnson Health Tech. Co., Ltd.

Since our beginning in 1975, Johnson Health Tech (JHT) has specialized in the design, production and marketing of award-winning fitness equipment. In our 48 years of business, JHT has grown tremendously in the ever-evolving fitness market. Based in Taiwan, we are Asia's largest, the world's third largest and one of the industry's fastest growing fitness equipment manufacturers.
Our brands have been sold across 60 countries and are marketed to the commercial, specialty and home-use markets. Our commitment to product innovation, superior value, and unmatched customer service has made JHT a leading provider of high-quality fitness equipment around the world.


Johnson is among the top 3 largest fitness equipment manufactures in the world, and number one in Asia. Today our key brands include Matrix for commercial clients, and Vision and Horizon for retail clients. Matrix: Matrix Fitness has established itself as one the world’s premier commercial fitness brands. Through a broad network of strong strategic alliances and a variety of useful services, Matrix is truly a partner fitness facilities can trust as a total solutions provider. Vision: Our brand represents the dependable, high-quality, value products that help people ultimately achieve their vision. We’re the experienced brand with which you want to do business, offering you customizable products and award-winning service. Horizon: Horizon Fitness is the helpful, straightforward brand that enables people to reach their fitness goals by providing guidance and a complete line of high-value, long-lasting equipment that delivers a better workout experience.