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Carbon Fins
Industry type:Recreation and sports
Product model number:AM300 / AM500 / AM700 / AM900
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LAZULI uses aerospace technology to manufacture every blade. Aquamarine series is 100% carbon fiber composition and there is 4 different stiffness to choose. The blade ends in a smile curve (S. curve) which gives the maximum thrust with the least possible energy consumption based on hydrodynamics studies. The blade’s angle is set in 28 degrees, helping users dive leisurely in the deep blue. Every blade goes with LAZULI specially designed water-rail which can detain and drive the water on the blade without losing its shape even in the toughest conditions. The water rail helps the blade drive the water from the beginning of the stroke and provides immediate response to diver’s mone.


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HCG corporation is founded by Mr. Chiu, Ho Cheng in Yingge, Taipei, Taiwan in 1931, and HCG also named after Ho Cheng.
We produced pottery containers and tubes in early years, and started the sanitary ware business in 1955. HCG has been listed in Taiwan Stock Exchange Market in 1991.
In decades, HCG is the largest sanitary ware company in Taiwan, and sells more than one million pieces of sanitary wares a year.
Recently, HCG extends itself core competency to develop advanced ceramic and composite material application in various industries, including ballistic ceramic, dental zirconia block, carbon fiber fins, and carbon fiber wheel etc.


The name “LAZULI” is derived from the term “Lazaward”, which means heaven in Arabic, alluding to its blue color. Each blade is designed and manufactured with aerospace technology to ensure the best performance when exploring the beauty of the ocean and to bring a closer experience to its surroundings.