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Multi-Axes Machine Center
Industry type:Productivity and energy
Product model number:NU 630
Campro Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.
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NU 630 Multi-Axes Machine Center is a traveling column 5-axis / 5-face machining center that owns 4 patents delivers diverse task machining. The shortest force flow structure configuration as the main design concept with high rigidity swivel head as a controlled B-axis, the ±110° swiveling range changes tool nose point in seconds to provide multiple machining processes and complex parts machining performance. Working table embedded rotary table design supports both 3-axis and 5-axis jobs. Thermal compensation functions apply on linear axes and tool center point of 5-axis to control machining accuracy within 5~8μm and save 75 ~ 80% cost from adding linear scale and displacement gauge. The Campro MTConnect® adapter provides KPI module that allows you to calculate an OEE for a single machine and to know its availability, performance and quality.


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About Campro Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

Campro Precision Machinery was founded in July 2003 with a team who shared with approximately 20-years experience, established Campro both in Taiwan and Shanghai China at the same time. Research and design center in Taiwan, cross-trait synchronous manufacturing and production. Dedicates provide high-quality machine to customer. “Innovate, Quality, Service, Sincerity, Teamwork and Technology” are key advantages of CAMPRO. In order to stay competitive in the market and cutting edge, Campro has also been constantly developing and launching new products with high quality and reasonable price to meet customers’ demands.


The logo for Campro comes from 2 capital letters in the alphabet - C and P which means Cam + Pro, C in blue and P in white. Campro logo shape idea was taken from Chinese calligraphy “a single pattern of movement” which represents the philosophy of Campro, “done at once, no drag the feet”. The company culture of Campro is founded on its philosophy, which branches out into five core values: Quality First, Service Foremost, Integrity & Dignity, Professional Team and Innovative Technology, which is also our quality slogan. These corporate values form our vision and serve as the highest guiding principles for the management of Campro to reach the highest ranked, to reach everlasting operation for your equipment – Campro CNC Machine Tools.