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MagiCylinder AM Mini LED Display
Industry type:PC and software
Product model number:MC5512
PanelSemi Corp.
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PanelSemi MagiCylinder AM Mini LED Display brings people a brand new, immersive
visual experience. It is especially popular with media publishers, content creators and business partners including brands, advertisers, marketers or branded content sponsors.

Combining active-matrix LED technology and flexible substrate, It has high resolution, brightness, contrast, color saturation and doesn’t remain afterimages. Most of all, it is bendable. With extra lightweight at only 1 kg, 1 mm ultra-thin thickness, a flexible viewing angle, and able to bend, it helps solving DOOH (Digital Out-Of Home) by achieving 360-degrees commercial benefits at the cost of extremely small space.

What’s more, it spends 50% less power than traditional LCD displays and is also an eco-friendly display where 4 hours of use only requires one 10 K-mAh power bank. It doesn’t produce much heat while maintaining high brightness and have high power efficiency, which also meets the global trend of low-carbon economy.


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About PanelSemi Corp.

PanelSemi is solution provider for PanelSemiconductor.

To facilitate innovation development applying TFT-LCD Eco-system, PanelSemi provides world No. 1 Panel Foundry Business Model (PFBM) which is similar Global Unichip Corp. role in Semiconductor industry.

In order to explore ultimate innovations of use cases, PanelSemi starts with novel Active Matrix Mini LED solutions and offers advanced integrations of semiconductor chips, sensors, MEMS devices and etc. 

PanelSemi visualizes the different.


With 30 years development, Panel manufacturers are the core of Eco-system in TFT-LCD Industry. However, Taiwan’s Panel manufacturers are losing its capacity advantage. In order to win the game, it is crucial applying breakthrough technologies and redefining industry chains. A whole new concept, named Panel Semiconductor, brings ultimate opportunities. Panel Semiconductor enables semiconductor chips or devices on manufacturing process of Glass Panel. PanelSemi strives for best domain knowledges to co-creators applying Glass Panel Semiconductor. 

Thinking back 30 years ago, the world-first Si Semiconductor Foundry Service Model provided by TSMC. At this point, Panel Industry shall follow the wise business model like TSMC in the past, and strives for creating Panel Semiconductor Eco-system. Hence, PanelSemi Corp. is born to the vision as Creator of Panel Semiconductor Eco-system.

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