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Power Runner
Industry type:Recreation and sports
Product model number:FPR112
award 3

A functional design of the FPR112 for efficiently enhancing speed, force, and explosiveness makes a breakthrough from traditional resistance training. As a model role in CrossFit, quality material constructs the FPR112 withstanding both outside and indoor environments. The digital console reflects the training data instantly, which helps exercisers to master their physical conditions, protecting them against injury. Whatever you are a professional athlete or just a sports fanatic will captivate the benefit from the FPR112.


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Joong Chenn Industry has been manufacturing high-quality strength and cardio training equipment for 40 years. Being Taiwan's biggest fitness equipment manufacture didn't just happen by accident. It happened because of hard work and dedication to our customers. Joong Chenn also has a state-of-the-art R & D department with highly qualified engineers that continue to search for innovation and develop top-quality products. Moreover, our products are sold worldwide in about 130 countries.


People have high expectations for health and mental happiness from exercise. To achieve this goal Joong Chenn was established in 1983 to design innovative fitness products for all users. We work towards designing our fitness products with 3 concepts -Simplicity, Safety, and Smart as our main object. We are continuously improving the quality of life for all of our users and this is our motivation.
Simple is best, therefore we adopt the correct technology for the user in every piece of Steelflex equipment that we design. Because we believe that people’s natural function of movement is the best method for their body, Steelflex products do not interfere with this function during the use of our equipment. We provide equipment that is comfortable, safe, and a great exercise experience. Our products not only have an outstanding design, but we are sure once you use them they will bring you an enjoyable experience. Welcome to the Steelflex World!

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