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Industry type:Home, construction materials and hardware
Product model number:45833R 45834R 45835R 45836R 45930R 45932R 45937R 45939R
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In terms of product convenience, it is still oriented to increase the efficiency of construction personnel, construction speed, and convenience. In terms of convenience, the size of 15cm is the largest width that ordinary people can hold with one hand, and the area of a single piece is compared to the current prevailing use. The 6x22.7cm exterior wall tiles are five times, when the same number of construction, the theoretical construction speed can be increased by five times, greatly improving the speed of tiles, speeding up the completion time, increasing benefits and reducing costs Visible.

In terms of safety, this product is a product born of safety. It uses the barb in the back groove of the product to facilitate the bonding characteristics and conforms to the product safety verification registration. In terms of construction, it increases the adhesion of the exterior wall and is used on the exterior wall. , to achieve the reality of public safety, no matter it is used in the sky or building construction projects, it is a product with high safety and compliance with building regulations.

Jingkuang new cultural stone series, in line with the certification of "Commodity Safety Standard of Bureau of Standards, Inspection and Quarantine of the Ministry of Economic Affairs Approved for Registration", is a very safe product in the use of exterior walls and can solve the public safety of exterior walls. In addition, the appropriate size, Compared with the traditional 6x22.7cm product for paving and pasting, the efficiency of the same construction times is increased by five times. It is a good product that is in line with public safety and can increase construction efficiency and reduce user costs.


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Hiland Ceramics Co., LTD. established in year 2000, and has always been the innovative professional porcelain tiles producer since then. Hiland Ceramics is always in the lead of introducing the most updated technology from Europe. As a result, Hiland produces the most innovative product to create the better value of ceramics tiles to remain its competitive standing in the market. Hiland Ceramics has two brands, “Yellow Stone” and “Placido”, marketing both domestic and export. All the products from Hiland are designed to be ecological friendly in ways of reducing mining and logging. Therefore, natural “stone” and “wood” became the only two themes of tile innovation for Hiland. In addition, all the waste from the result of production has been recycled and reused. Hiland is then a certified “environmental friendly” factor by Environmental Protection Admistration, and certified with “Smiling MIT” by Industrial Development Bureau, a company with dual certification.


Inheriting traditional culture and innovating people-oriented "Wealth can't create culture, but culture can create wealth", only culture can survive. For an enterprise, corporate culture can create productivity, improve competitiveness, enhance attractiveness, and form cohesion. "Inheriting traditional culture, innovating people-oriented" is the cornerstone of our corporate philosophy and culture, because it expresses the dimension of life: maintaining never-stagnant vitality. Take "down-to-earth ceramic tile" as the brand belief Under the current environment and conditions, seeking innovation and change has become the competitiveness that every enterprise must pursue. Through market-oriented, combined with technological innovation, the original large number of low-cost, building materials decoration "magnetic" tiles, re-positioned the brand in the perceptual value, high-quality craftsmanship "porcelain" tiles.

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