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Anion frequency conversion electric water heater
Industry type:Home, construction materials and hardware
Product model number:QR100F/QR100/QR109FS/QR109F
Heatingtec Co., Ltd.
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"Negative Ion Mirror Inverter Digital Electric Water Heater" has the characteristics of "safety (ten main and by-pass safety devices)" and "comfort (intelligent digital constant temperature)" of commercially available electric water heaters. Type-coated quartz heater, which can effectively solve the problem that the building cannot be used due to low water pressure, save electricity by more than 50% of other brands, supply hot water in five seconds, and have a fashionable and unique appearance, allowing consumers to enjoy bathing at home.

●Domestic hot water solutions

There is insufficient water pressure on both high and low floors in Taiwan, and a pressurized motor must be installed as a solution. Due to the old pipeline, installation location and volume, the effect is not as expected, and it needs to be replaced and maintained frequently.
In addition, the average total residential electricity is about 50 amps. Commercial electric water heaters are often too powerful, which makes o


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About Heatingtec Co., Ltd.

Since its establishment in 2011, Heatingtec Co., Ltd. has been devoted to the research and development of thermal energy technology. The main core technology is the thin film heating element of the nano-formulation process, which has developed energy saving, fast heating, good thermal uniformity and rich IR (far infrared) Four characteristics, striding across the semiconductor industry and consumer products.

In line with the business philosophy of "fashion, technology, environmental protection, energy saving, innovation", through the unique high-efficiency heating elements in the industry, all heating films have passed RoHS related inspections, and have a power saving of more than 30% without any harmful substances.

The company takes "talent-oriented" as the first priority, "social responsibility" as the final commitment, combined with "business philosophy" to form the core value, and form the company's corporate culture in pursuit of sustainable development.


Rewatt In 2013, it was born in Taiwan. Rewatt started from Taiwan, and set the goal to become a brand that stands firm in Taiwan and looks at the world. The standard color of the brand is light green. Starting from the concept of "low power consumption", the love of the earth conveys the importance of "environmental protection" and "energy saving" to the public. Through thin film heating technology, we are committed to providing consumers with energy saving, faster heat generation, and excellent safe and stable temperature digital electric water heaters. Heatingtec Co., Ltd. has an experienced development and design team and marketing team. They dare to innovate and bravely develop, accurately grasp market information, and develop consumer products that best meet human needs and future trends. Fashionable design and exclusive world-leading technology create high-quality and comfortable products. Rewatt, fashion, technology, innovation