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EMS Shorts
Industry type:Recreation and sports
Product model number:WIIM Pro Sports
Makalot Industrial CO., LTD.
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Training by delivering a targeted electrical pulse to key muscle groups to accelerate your workout and enhance your training results is necessary. EMS technology will help you to train more effectively. Peachy shorts is the first product in the WIIM pro sports series. Focusing on the booty workout and tighten the muscle for your perfect body shape.


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About Makalot Industrial CO., LTD.

With the culture of integrity, team, and sharing, Makalot’s management team has broken away from the conventional commerce framework and consistently creates new business models. Makalot currently occupies a key position in the global value chain and is steadily expanding its production base. Today, over 33,000 employees work across Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, China and the Philippines. Company’s state-of-art ERP system has coordinated sales, marketing, design, production, global planning, trend analysis. The system has also made Makalot the leader of the apparel industry in Taiwan, and a strategic partner for major retailers across the US, Europe, Japan, Taiwan and China.


Makalot was founded in 1990 and established Open Innovation team in 2017. In addition to focusing on textiles and garment manufacturing, it is encourage to create innovative products and leading the industry turn textile to smart. Last year, WIIM, an exclusive brand of innovative products, was launched, which will carry smart solution with material in printed device then total solution display by wearable apparel. The LOGO design conveys our beliefs, using the letter W&M to transform the shape of the semiconductor chip, representing that intelligent technology is embedded in the textile through the chip. The waving shape is used to symbolize the continuous progress of Makalot. The completely symmetrical structure can be fully identified at different angles, emphasizing our flexibility, stretchable and high resilience. The seemingly minimal lines emphasize the plasticity of the future and are willing to challenge themselves and the world.