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AVF-C Series Superior Efficiency Canned Motor Pump
Industry type:Productivity and energy
Product model number:AVF-C
award 3

The AVF-C series canned motor pump, an "ASSOMA Value Family(TM)" product, brings innovative value with energy-saving, environmental protection, and economic feasibility.
The pumps exceed the highest EU pump efficiency standards (MEI=0.7), significantly reducing customers' energy use and Scope2 greenhouse gas emissions. The customer can break even the cost difference of the energy-efficient AVF-C pump within 18 months.
The AVF-C series resonates with various industries; the pump must be suitable for clean rooms and have AIoT and automation integration for the high-end electronics industry. Server cooling systems in data centers value a small installation footprint and low Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE). Vanadium flow batteries are installed with renewable energy sources at remote locations and must have high efficiency, high stability, and ease of use and maintenance.
The AVF-C series fits ISO 50001 and ESG strategies and have been recognized as a valuable tool for reaching Net Zero!


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ASSOMA INC. has been operating under an OBM strategy since our establishment in 1968 using the “ASSOMA” brand. Our key activities include the development, design, production and sales of magnetic drive seal-less pumps and precision filters. The key industries we serve include high-tech industries, such as semiconductor, TFT-LCD, PCB, and solar, as well as petrochemical and specialty chemical industries, competing directly with top pump manufacturers from Europe, America, and Japan.


Our brand “ASSOMA” refers to “Associated with Magnets”. The name is meaningful because we need magnetic field drive technology design capability to develop sealless pump products. The word ASSOMA is also simple, easy to pronounce, and easy to remember.