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Intelligent Autonomous Delivery Robot
Industry type:Productivity and energy
Product model number:ML101D10
Wistron Corporation
award 3

Autonomous Delivery Robot is structured with Mobility Module and Delivery Module. Mobility Module with the function of autonomous movement, light and flexible appearance, LiDAR-based sensor fusion, including 3D camera, ultrasonic, IR supplemented sensors, combined with SLAM positioning algorithm, performs the functions of map building, map editing, positioning and navigation, and obstacle avoidance.
The delivery cabinet can be designed based on requested carry items, which can transport meals in commercial buildings, amenities &meals in hotels, and meals, samples, medicines, surgical instruments, etc. in hospitals.
After the operation is completed or the power of the robot is too low, the robot will automatically return to the charging station and charge automatically, and then back to perform the task once the charging is completed.


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