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Sunshade Energy-Saving Expanded Metal Mesh for Building with High Wind Resistance
Industry type:Home, construction materials and hardware
Product model number:SKA Series
award 3

The first fully Taiwan-made sunshade and energy-saving expanded metal mesh with high wind resistance for buildings has been awarded the energy-saving affirmation of the new green building technology and low-carbon construction method label. When used in the building shell, it can reduce the heat transfer of solar heat radiation to the building. Combined with the actual measurement and the Energy Plus software simulation, this product is helpful for building energy saving. Taiwan is located in the subtropical zone, and typhoons often cause major disasters. In order to ensure the safety of this product used in building shells, from 2020 to 2021, Shang Kai Steel cooperated with National Cheng Kung University Wind Tunnel Center to conduct more than 1,000 wind tunnel tests on the product. Simulate a strong typhoon, construct the wind coefficient prediction program of this product, and carry out enhanced design to ensure safety.


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Shang Kai Steel is the leader of expanded metal mesh products in Taiwan, and has obtained the ISO14064-1 Greenhouse Gas Inventory Certificate. We won awards such as the Potential Taiwan Mittelstand Award, National Award of Outstanding Small and Medium Enterprises, and Kaohsiung City's Excellent Innovation and R&D Award. The domestic market share exceeds 60%, and customers are distributed all over the world. The export
markets include Japan, New Zealand, India, Panama, Saudi Arabia, the Middle East, ASEAN and other countries. International distribution channels are adopted, and Taiwan companies are responsible for the Asia-Pacific region. Overall, Shang Kai Steel has dozens of distribution bases in Taiwan and more than 10 international distribution bases, mainly in Europe, America, Japan and other countries. Customers are distributed in different industries, and the number exceeds 1,000.


In the past, Taiwan's expanded metal mesh industry was like a sunset industry, and only the low-priced market remained. However, Shang Kai Steel saw that the century-old expanded metal mesh manufacturer in Europe continued to introduce new expanded metal mesh in high value-added applications, with prices dozens of times that of cheap products. Give it a shot? Or give up? Shang Kai Steel chose to take the difficult road. Through cooperation with universities and research institutions, it has gradually successfully developed difficult technologies in Taiwan. The efforts have gradually paid off, and international architects have begun to affirm Shang Kai Steel and are willing to use Shang Kai Steel's expanded metal mesh in large-scale cases. The low-priced expanded metal mesh has gradually become a high-priced building material. Shang Kai Steel will keep R&D technology, provide excellent expanded metal mesh, and become a potential star in the global expanded metal mesh industry.

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