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Handheld Dental X-ray machine
Industry type:Health and precision instrument
Product model number:AG100
Energy Resources International Co. Ltd
award 3

The information related to this product could not be shown due to medical law, please contact the company directly for more information.


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About Energy Resources International Co. Ltd

ERI's products are portable X-ray machines, with the advantages of high resolution and low radiation dose imaging. In addition to being used in emergency rooms and wards in hospitals, handheld X-ray machines can also be used in mobile medical care, home medical care, and telemedicine diagnosis. The design of the product is to change the existing medical behavior, from people cooperating with the equipment, into a people-oriented medical model.


Energy Resources International Co., Ltd. (ERI), a pioneer in X-ray radiography, has stepped into medical equipment field and dedicated to its effort to explore and master the properties and application of Carbon Nanotube (CNT) technology since 2013. The first area of focus has been in the development of world’s first CNT-driven Cold Cathode as the X-ray emission source. ERI has applied this technological breakthrough first to the development of the battery-powered handheld X-ray devices. These handheld devices not only drastically change the experience of the dental patients, but also lower the operating costs of the dentist offices. From the handheld devices, ERI proceeds to explore opportunities in the portable general purpose X-ray systems for extremities with the vision to continuously improve the immediacy, convenience, and effectiveness of the X-ray experiences.

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