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LED Ultra 3in1
Industry type:Electronics and communication
Product model number:ER334-ZZYR-1/EF334-ZZYB-1/EF334-ZZYP-1/ER488-ZZYR-1/EF488-ZZYB-1/EF488-ZZYP-1(Z為功率代碼;Y為色溫代碼)
Epoch Chemtronics Corp.
award 3

LED_Ultra_3in1 adopts edge-lit technology. It allows using fewer LEDs in design, and makes the light uniform, cozy, and without glaring.
LED_Ultra_3in1 creates an 0.5 cm of the world 's slimmest thickness: with a high luminous efficiency of maximum 130 lm/w. Comparing to other product in the best specification, the thickness decreases>50%, and weight loss>20%. This feature make it not only a ceiling panel light, but also a large area uniform luminescent source to customize interior design. Combining with variety of materials, it delivers more possibility for users.
We also invent a modular functional components to create variable installation method. LED_Ultra_3in1 can be used as a surface mount fixture, a suspension fixture, or can be connecting together easily when combined with different expansion modules.
LED_Ultra_3in1 is the next-generation luminescent panel. It is designed as a low-carbon, eco-friendly, multiple-use choice of illumination.


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About Epoch Chemtronics Corp.

Epoch Chemtronics Corp. was founded in 1997 and is a leading company dedicated to small /medium-sized backlight module production for a wide range of applications. We provide exceptional integrated services from product development to manufacturing and quality control. Our professionalism and experience has earned the deep trust of international LCD companies over the past 20 years. Today, we are one of the top three backlight module companies in Taiwan. In 2010, Epoch launched its own brand name, Epoch Lighting. We insist on “Made in Taiwan” for both crucial parts and LED luminaires to provide reliable lighting products, with GS, CE, and CNS certifications. We continue to promote our products and enhance our brand image worldwide, having many global applications, such as at the Frankfurt Airport (FRA) supermarket, the Belgium post office and Dubai business buildings. We are dedicated to providing energy saving and quality products to customers.


Epoch Chemtronics Corp., founded in 1997, is one of the top three backlight module companies in Taiwan, launched "Epoch Lighting" brand in 2010. Epoch applies edge-lit and multiple reflection tech with mechanism, heat dissipation and simple concept to provide a uniform and large emitting area, high-quality luminaires. As Epoch’s slogan "Sense of light, Sense for life", we expect: With a full range of products and services to enhance quality of light and realize a comfortable life; our luminaires not only provide energy-savings, but create delighted atmosphere of excellent-quality light for modern life. Epoch’s luminaires are made in Taiwan and get certification of CNS, CE, GS, etc., and offering 3-year warranty.Our products have been installed in many projects, most of products won awards(Taiwan Excellence,Japan Good Design,Germany Red dot...). It proves our innovative tech and excellent quality, let Epoch light on the world!