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Industry type:Productivity and energy
Product model number:SFL3-350-02A
eTreego Co., Ltd.
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eTreego 350kW DC charger is designed based on non-uniform current charging technology and considered with the safety level of vehicle standards. This product reaches 350kW ultra-fast power output to meet market demand.
For the North American market, the CCS1 North American interface is adopted, which can correspond to the electric vehicle models of various car manufacturers.
The charging function can be activated through RFID, credit cards, and App, and enjoy a convenient and simple charging experience. With the backend communication function, it can help managed service provider (MSP) integrate cash flow, monitor the operating status of charging piles in real time, and collect charging data, in order to continuously optimize the service.
Ultra-fast charging is suitable for places where fast charging is required, such as highway rest stops. It makes electric vehicle charging more convenient for long-distance travel and commercial use.


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About eTreego Co., Ltd.

eTreego is an electric vehicle control module design company formally mentored by ITRI. It promotes charging standards for electric vehicles and e-scooters, and as a member of the national team of the "E-Bus DMIT Project", providing on-board controllers and charging equipment and systems with intelligent management functions.
The product design ability has been recognized by all parties in the industry. It has cooperated with many charging and managed service providers. It is also the designated supplier of OEM and customized products for many car manufacturers. In the past three years, it has begun to expand overseas markets. Recently, it has received investment from Shihlin Electric and Hotaimotor (TOYOTA),and has become a strategic partner. They also jointly establish a Gochabar subsidiary in 2023 to provide technical services for charging systems and operations. Resources and integration benefits for all software and hardware value chains of a complete series charging system.


eTreego is mainly established by the team of ITRI who has been cultivating electric vehicle technology for more than ten years. The team members were grateful for the long-term cultivation, so they named the company brand eTreego, a homonym for ITRI. The "eTree" in the brand name means that each charging pile is like planting an electronic tree for the earth, contributing to green energy and environmental protection, and "go" represents the Mobility, also one of the most representative words in the industry. The team members continue to think about how to promote and develop the electric vehicle industry.Instead of thinking about the issue of limited resources, it is better to use the spirit of engineers, roll up your sleeves and move forward all the way, so there is a saying that "it is better to stand up than to talk.", so we took the Chinese company name as "起而行(start and go)". eTreego,Get up and do it!

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