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SA3 AC motor drives for water pump applications
Industry type:Productivity and energy
Product model number:SA3
award 3

Product side:
SA3 (+KP) inverter
Software design: High-performance vector control technology; high response performance and high overload capability; low voltage transient compensation; support for multiple control modes, induction motor and high-efficiency synchronous motor control, which can be applied to different occasions.
Hardware design: support multiple sets of input and output terminals, and can be used with IO expansion cards to achieve port expansion; can be used with communication cards to support multiple communication methods, such as: Profibus, CANopen, EtherCAT, etc.; the entire series has built-in RFI filters, effective Prevent electromagnetic interference


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Shihlin Electric, founded in 1955, is a leading electric manufacturer in Taiwan. The company comprises four main businesses:

Automobile Equipment
Shihlin established excellent manufacturing and customizing capabilities through strategic alliances with major Japanese enterprises for automobile equipment; EV components and charging piles are the latest additions.

Heavy Electric
Shihlin is an essential provider of power transmission equipment in Taiwan. Furthermore, the company is also a national award-winning electrical system integrator.

Breaker & Switchgear
Shihlin is the best low-voltage breaker and switchgear supplier in Taiwan. Recent products include breakers for renewable power generation/storage systems and EV charging piles.

Factory Automation and Integration Service
Shihlin's FA products cover inverters, servo motors, and sensors. Our automation integration service plays a pivotal role in the industrial upgrading in Taiwan.



Shihlin Electric, since 1955, is always a cornerstone in Taiwan's electrical manufacturing industry. With a solid foundation of excellence in automobile equipment, heavy electric, breaker & switchgear, and factory automation, Shihlin Electric enters a new era of sustainable development by implementing green supply chains, green manufacturing process, and Launched a series of green products. Shihlin Electric has introduced the charging pile for two-wheel and four-wheel EVs and will expand the services to charging station operation. Furthermore, in the field of renewable energy, Shihlin Electric has achieved success in solar/wind power generation and storage in the domestic market. It also aims to become the best EPC company in Taiwan. Looking to the future, Shihlin Electric will respond to Taiwan's industrial upgrading with our motto "Changes for the Better. Create the Future" in mind, marching toward the world market and contributing to the sustainable future of Taiwan.

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