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Rotary Joint
Industry type:Productivity and energy
Product model number:JRJ-B
Jufan Industrial CO., LTD.
award 3

JFC is the only manufacturer in Taiwan capable of developing and producing hydraulic rotary joints. This product has high gross profit, high threshold and wide application. Large domestic manufacturers generally use foreign brands such as Nanbu, Japan. This product increases the cooling cycle structure, environmental protection and energy saving, prolongs the service life, and has the invisible champion.
The rotary joint is to input the fluid from the stationary pipeline into the rotating or reciprocating equipment. It is connected to one input port and fixed to the other port, allowing the fluid to be independently delivered to the required equipment functions.
This product can be customized, and the processing precision of the parts meets the requirements of mechanical standards. Due to the high temperature and high heat generated during operation shortens the life of the product, JFC has designed a cooling cycle structure, which can be used with an external cooler system to


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JFCR is in the business of creating MOTION that enables AUTOMATION. In 1983, Jufan was established in Tainan, Taiwan. Over the past 40 years. Growing into a leading company of hydraulic automation products in Taiwan. The company will be officially listed on the stock exchange in October 2022, becoming the only domestic hydraulic brand to enter the capital market. The “startup stage” was initiated by the need of automation in Taiwan brick kiln industry. Jufan designed and produced corresponding Pneumatic and Hydraulic cylinders for these customers. “JUFAN” brand started to be recognized in Taiwan market. Coming into the “development stage”, Jufan became the oversea OEM supplier of TAIYO in 1996 and thus developed exporting business to Japan, Europe and ASEAN countries. The “growth stage” started in 2004. JFCR, this new logo to reflect our commitment to delivering high quality products and capture our vision to position Jufan as the leading and reliable hydraulic solution provider.