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TEOS sport Rx sustainable eyewear
Industry type:Recreation and sports
Product model number:TEOS運動光學永續眼鏡
HwaMeei Optical.Co.,Ltd.
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TEOS sports Rx sustainable eyewear in this proposal incorporates environmental friendly materials and fashion design, to create an iconic statement accessory; based on feedback from athletes, we designed this eyewear with a high-curvature fit and a 20% wider field of view. In addition, the lens adopts exclusive technologies such as microstructure antifouling, hard-coating, Super Anti-Reflection coating design, and Digital Ray Path 2 system. By calculating eyes’ natural ability to accommodate and user’s wearing data, mathematically compensating for oblique aberrations, provide the comfortable visual experience. Considering the current domestic eyewear industry, most of it is made of 100% plastics and composite metals which leading to large carbon emission. Our solution is to replace plastic with 45% bio-based materials which is made of castor seeds, and is certified by an ISO17025 accredited laboratory. It reduces carbon emission by 46% compare to traditional plastic material.


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About HwaMeei Optical.Co.,Ltd.

HwaMeei Optical was established in Tainan in 1978.
Our team embraces innovation, continuously accepting challenges, and adapting changes. The threats from the competitors, or the satisfaction from the customers won’t stop us from heading towards to our goal. We Are Unstoppable.
We’re aware of the natural resources are limited, hence, our team focuses on using and reusing the resources productively, including materials, energy, personnel, space and time. Not only reduces unnecessary waste, but also increases the usage of the green energy, to support the sustainability of the earth and the enterprise.
Over 30 years dedicated to the manufacture of sports sunglasses, we will keep devoting to eyewear design and lenses manufacture, refining ourselves with innovation and technology. We’re ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificated, we follow international standards, we are a trustworthy Sport Vision Expert.


Thomas, who has more than 20 years of experience in the eyewear industry, decided to create his lens brand with the desire and pursuit of sharp vision and is committed to producing optical lenses with the best vision to meet the needs of consumers in pursuit of excellent vision. TEOS is taken from "Teosansano" in the Taiwanese aboriginal language, hoping to It helps people see farther see deeper. Thomas believes that everyone's visual condition, prescription, eye use, and lifestyle are different, and traditional lenses cannot meet everyone's needs, so he founded the TEOS and is committed to creating "individually exclusive" customized optics lenses and popularizing them so everyone can experience better vision. We focus on details, have the courage to explore, and are willing to share to move towards a better visual experience together.

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