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O-Genius Lite TPMS Service Tool
Industry type:Transportation
Product model number:OG LITE
Orange Electronic Co., Ltd.
award 3

1.Smart Phone connection: O-Genius Lite supports the connection with smart phones, and tire shop technicians can interact with the product through the application (APP). By the update through WiFi, the system can be continuously upgraded, providing the latest car models and functions, and creating more possibilities.
2.OSOM intelligent tire management system: In the winter tire market in Europe, it stores tire related information and storage location for out-of-season tires for each customer.
3.Wireless Bluetooth OBDII: This product adopts wireless Bluetooth technology. Users only need to insert O-Genius Lite into the OBD II interface of the vehicle, and then to perform related settings, without annoying wired connections, saving installation time and reducing operation complexity.
4.Exclusive German HSN TSN query system: O-Genius Lite's HSN TSN query system allows German users to easily query the correct car model and year by entering the HSN TSN. No need to choose manually.


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About Orange Electronic Co., Ltd.

We, Orange Electronic Co., Ltd., are specialized in Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System, including OE replacement sensor and retrofit kit, distributing to North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia. Orange TPMS products have been certificated and approved in major markets, as well as selected to supply replacement sensors, compatible with origin equipped (OE) ECU, to major vehicle manufacturers. Orange has been one of the selected suppliers, recognized by Tire Industry Association (TIA) and announced to auto dealers in North America. Orange Electronic has good reputation in Aftermarket (AM) service and regularly supplies to mega auto part outlets, tire and auto dealers, and has been selected for co-brand retrofit fit under big pneumatic tire manufacturers in Asia. While the world is entering the era of intelligence and big data, Orange Electronics has not stopped, and continues to develop and provide market-intelligent tire pressure solutions.


“Orange” is derived from “0-range” (Zero range), based on wireless radio frequency, the technology makes life “no border, no distance”, and serve consumer all around the world. On the other hand, our pursuit is to be a specialist in the field of wireless radio frequency, plus the other two core know-how : 1) Electronic design for vehicle with endurance for high/low temperature and 2) power management. Hence, ORANGE = 0-range (Zero range).