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AI+ Inno-Gallery Display
Industry type:Electronics and communication
Product model number:M270KCJ-L5Z
Innolux Corporation
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 Product
This display is different from traditional displays in the past. It has the visual comfort of eye protection, greatly improves the viewing quality, and can provide high-quality image display. Besides, the AI creative art function can make the digital art display a creative platform through which artists can realize their creativity and ideas and transform them into real works of art. This personalized use experience not only improves user satisfaction, but also enriches their artistic enjoyment.
 Marketing
Through the AI art creation function, the digital art display can generate unique and stunning works of art, which can attract the attention of many art lovers. With the help of the Internet and digital platforms, works of art can be easily displayed and sold globally, attracting more potential customers and markets. This provides more exposure and business opportunities for artists and artworks, and also enriches the diversity and vitality of the art market.


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About Innolux Corporation

Building on the Art of Display Technologies for a Sustainable Future

As a supplier of TFT-LCD panels and LCD terminals, Innolux Corporation has contributed greatly to enhancing the quality and product performance through its innovations in technology and production processes. Innolux is committed to enhancing life’s visual pleasures and to developing aesthetically designed display products. And although profitability is key to Innolux’s sustainable development, we also believe that it is our humanistic qualities that will ensure our longevity. Our business approach is thus to make steadfast progress in contributing to the prosperity and well-being of our customers, shareholders, and employees as well as the communities and environments in which we operate with the aim of being an outstanding company with superior virtues.


Innolux was established on Jan 14, 2003 which was originally serving as a panel maker of TFT-LCD display for HonHai group. By getting publicly listed in Taiwan in 2006, Innolux broke the record of going public in the soonest time in the panel industry. Dr Hsing-Chien Tuan was the literal inventor of Innolux. Dr Tuan spent 3 days to ponder before the finalization of both Chinese and English name of the company. The literal meaning of Chinese name, Qun-chuang, meant a group of people with same ambition establishing a company, with elaboration of a win-win situation among the company, employees and suppliers. In English, Inno was a literal translation of the Chinese word chuang. Lux was a unit indicating the brightness of light and meant the three primary colors. The combination became the company’s English Name InnoLux. Display was intentionally omitted with an implication that the future of the company would not be limited in the field of display device.

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