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Ayuda - Service Robot
Industry type:PC and software
Product model number:4.5-AI
SYSCOM Computer Engineering Co.
award 2

Ayuda 4.5-AI version combines the latest artificial intelligence and edge computing technology, breaking through the barriers of the old service robots in communicating with people; with Syscom's big data service, it assists merchants to establish service content models that with product information. Ayuda 4.5-AI allows users to communicate with the robot in an easy dialogue to obtain the required information. In terms of user experience, its dialogue is no different from that of a real person.
At present, OpenAI technology on the market is mostly used on fixed devices such as computer web pages, APP ChatBot, etc. Robots that move autonomously mainly perform transportation tasks that do not communicate with people, such as delivering food, delivering daily necessities to hotels, etc. Syscom is currently the only robot on the market in Taiwan that can move autonomously, take a seat and communicate with people. has its uniqueness.


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About SYSCOM Computer Engineering Co.

SYSCOM, established in 1975 and going public in 2001, continues leading Taiwan’s system integration and e-commerce industry with innovative solutions.

Headquartered in Taipei, we have regional offices around the world including Taiwan, Asia and the Americas. SYSCOM Group’s 1,100 employees include more than 400 CCIE, MCSA and MCSE certified engineers.

SYSCOM’s evolution from peripheral sales to system integration allowed us to amass a tremendous wealth of domain knowledge. Sharply focused on our areas of domain expertise, SYSCOM offers solutions in areas including: system integration, online custom information integration, e-Business, high-tech manufacturing, network planning and implementation, outsourcing, hardware sales and maintenance, software development and maintenance, and training.
Equipped with the best technology and ever growing domain experience, SYSCOM implemented highly successful core systems in Asia for the Taiwan, Shenzhen and Shanghai Stock Exchanges.


DBMaker development began over 27 years ago. Architected by our R&D team with the CMMI ML3 quality methodology, DBMaker is the first database developed in Taiwan, yet its users span the global in Japan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, USA, Brazil, and Italy. DBMaker won the Taiwan Excellence Award in 2013-2022. NETCenter IT Infrastructure Management developed by SYSCOM which is based on 47 years of system integration and networking experience. NETCenter provides various management functions, like: fault, configuration, accounting, performance and security to satisfy enterprise IT infrastructure management.In 2016 stablished a robot R&D team, using locally produced hardware and equipped with own in-house developed software. This marked the a Made In Taiwan (MIT). For epidemic prevention, Ayuda has temperature and mask detection function, it has been deployed in police stations, hospitals. In cooperation with Japan’s CIJ, entered the Japanese market furthering MIT s