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Fire Fighting Robot
Industry type:Home, construction materials and hardware
Product model number:FRT
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This product is an intelligent connected fire-fighting robot. The innovation of its technology lies in our company's utilization of our self-developed power core, combined with the rich experience gained from serving users across various industries. We have designed a smart connected fire-fighting robot with great expandability, high precision, high reliability, and is more suitable for use in Taiwan.
Our products and services, including Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV) and robotic platforms, are designed to redefine motion. And it doesn’t end there! We offer consultancy, feasibility study & risk analysis, and production services, providing comprehensive solutions for you.


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CT Engineering is focusing on the design and manufacture of complete drive systems for electric vehicle.
For the last 59years, we have demonstrated our commitment to developing and manufacturing reliable and easy to operate, high performance transaxles, gearbox drive units, motors and brake.

Our mission is to deliver safe and smart total solutions.

As we enhance our competitiveness and improve our working environment, we foster a company culture that values happiness, distinction and aesthetics.


Confidence is Earned Sometimes, it doesn’t take much to make people feel a little more important and valued. A kind word, a gesture of acknowledgement or a show of appreciation can go a long way to strengthen and build relationships between people. And the same can be said in business or industry, too, CT Engineering is a good example of this. When all common factors are removed from the competing field, CT Engineering is left with a strong sense of commitment to its customers, which in turn translates into all the small details that help the company and its team to stand out from the field. CT Engineering treats each client with diligence, as if it was their only one. CT Engineering simplifies each client's problems or issues and turns complicated projects into efficient solutions. At the end of the day, client confidence comes from a combination of the above, and these are the daily goals that we, at CT Engineering, have given ourselves and constantly strive to achieve and surpass.

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