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Industry type:Fashion
Product model number:42992404MKTWRENEW3A001
xTrans Creative Inc.
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AKIMIA is dedicated to solving skin care problems through the application of technology. With innovative printing technology, our microcurrent sheet mask goes beyond traditional skin care effectiveness.

In 2023, AKIMIA once again uses technology to enhance home care by launching a new type of "water-free microcurrent sheet mask"-ELECTRORENEW, which is the brand's first product to enter into completely sustainable environmental practices, that is more effective and environmentally friendly. Its biggest feature is the integration of dry batteries and highly concentrated ingredients, which are synchronously printed onto the sheet mask, making the formula more potent and stable.


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About xTrans Creative Inc.

xTrans Creative Inc. was established in 2018 and is fully committed to the research and development of micro-current medicine. As a
professional skin health care company, it provides the world with micro-current fabrics as the basis for biomedical research and
development, and cooperates with international teams to develop various applications Research and development and product
marketing, and use "AKIMIA" as the product brand marketing market.
The team is composed of elites in medical engineering and materials research. Using unique printed battery technology, through
the transformation of industrial design, patterns with micro-energy are applied to masks and dressings.
Team specializes in channel development and operation, through member community e-commerce and Key Opinion Consumer to
establish channels throughout Taiwan, maintain a high level of first-hand user feedback information, and start to build overseas


AKIMIA is a leading brand in microcurrent sheet masks, advocating the concept of "treating the root" and using technology to address skincare concerns, providing effective and sustainable products and services. To overcome the limitations of regular facial masks that only moisturize the surface of the skin, AKIMIA has gathered experts in medical engineering and materials research to develop the patented "Microcurrent Sheet Mask." This innovative mask utilizes generated electrical currents to extract concentrated essences from nature, penetrating deep into the skin to stimulate its self-healing abilities and restore a plump and radiant complexion. It is the only mask technology that nourishes the skin from within. Furthermore, 2023 is a significant year for the brand's mission, as we believe that sustainable living goes beyond trends and fashion, but is a core value and mission.


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