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Under sink compact reverse osmosis system
Industry type:Home, construction materials and hardware
Product model number:ROC-200/ROC-201
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The intelligent RO water purifier has a sleek design with a glossy finish and a two-tone color scheme, making it visually appealing and adaptable to any space. Its high-density fiber filter effectively removes sediment and impurities, while the coconut shell-activated carbon eliminates chlorine, pesticides, and odors. The NSF-certified reverse osmosis membrane with a 0.0001 pore size filters out bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, and scale.
The snap-on cover allows for easy replacement, while the sealed base prevents damage. The compact 2.2-gallon tank saves space. The centralized design enhances flexibility. The touch control panel provides water quality info and leak detection for user convenience and safety.
The machine features a sleep mode for energy savings. It uses non-toxic food-grade materials and filters certified by NSF. It operates silently, promoting environmental friendliness. Overall, it combines style, functionality, and efficiency.


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Easywell water systems, inc. was established in 1986. In the beginning, the company is doing OEM business of angle valve. In 1990, Easywell changed business items from angle valve to water filter systems. With ISO-9001, ISO-14001,NSF,and CE certificates to approve quality control ability, our products have been exported to 54 countries.
In 2010,easywell started to develop its own brand ALYA. So far ALYA has had 5 franchises and 49 distributor stores in Taiwan. Furthermore, There are customers from 23 countries distributing products under the brand ALYA or Easywell .
We are the only one certified by Taiwan SMES Innovation Awards in 2007 in this field in Taiwan. And We have obtained ISO-9001, Taiwan Excellence Awards for 5 years as well as the Rising Star Award in 2014. Our products have been obtained CE, NSF certificates and china water certificates.


Let us begin the story with beautiful crystals of water. The Japanese scholar, Masaru Emoto, spent 8 years visiting famous rivers and lakes around the world just for the exploration of water which is the most basic and important element in the human body. He claimed that water crystals under certain harmonious resonance frequencies seemed to be full of vitality, such as music. Mr. Rodger Lin believes in heart that “Pure water is absolutely beautiful.” Thus, the brand “ALYA” was born. “ALYA” stands for “Always Your Advantage.” It also implies the original intention of the brand. “You can be healthy if drinking good potable water. Consumers should not spend a fortune buying products through advertising gimmicks. Apart from practicality, a product design that is pleasing to eyes and easy to use also shows respect and consideration to consumers. Mr. Lin looked to the blue sky and green rice field and emphasized the commitment made at time of given birth to the brand.